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Arriving at the warehouse he looks at his watch, the time was just after midnight. All the crew should be inside by now. This would be the point of no...return. If any of the crew had second thoughts about the job, or had double-crossed him, it would show on their faces or in nervous twitches that people get when lying. When and only when he was satisfied about the crew will the job go ahead as planned.Walking into the warehouse, he was relieved. Firstly, to see all the boys were there, secondly. That way you can only see 1 pair of legs. I reached up and started plying and pinching his nipples. Shhhhhhhh I told him as he started to moan while I was playing with his nipples. He took of his pants and I sat on the changing room bench. He was turning around so I could suck his dick. "No baby, I whispered. Turn the other way so I can eat that ass and suck your balls." He turned around and I fucking ate his ass right there in the changing room. I usually like to make sloppy sloshy noises as I. That way neither of you can tease theother," Rose said."Where's my robe?" Jeff asked in a renewed panic as he went to the backof his door."It's in the laundry being washed. You'll be needing it for the nextfew days and it hasn't been washed since heaven knows when," Rose said."MOM! Bobby is going to see me like this!" Jeff said almost in tears."And you are going to see Bobby in the same exact things, so stop yourwhining. Maybe I should stop on the way home work tonight and pick upa. Isnt that true Lilly? Like so many of his questions there was only one right answer. Yes, Mr. Shaver. Would you like to help me punish her, Pete? He asked. I would love to, Mr. Shaver, he replied with a dark look in his eye Id never seen before. It occurred to me that I didnt know very much about Pete Townsend, and I doubted his lust would have anything like the slight restriction of Travis timidity. I shivered and wasnt sure if it was out of fear or desire. Call me Bob. Pete visibly relaxed,.

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