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"No Diane, you would have to bring in one of your girlfriends or family friends for him to have sex with. It would be for medicinal purposes only and ...eep in mind it would have to be condom-less sex in order for Jimmy to reach the most normal and natural hormone levels. Usually what mothers do is find a close family friend or someone they know well enough so that way there is no risk of STDs. I would be in the room during the test to make sure everything is OK." Diane was speechless but worried. ‘I don’t even know who you are!’ ‘So you say,’ he murmured, walking across and taking her hand. ‘For now, just call me Eddie. Here, why don’t we sit for a moment while I explain the rules?’ He led her to the bed and eased his athletic body beside her on the soft mattress. ‘First, Katherine, you will appreciate that I have to protect my empire?’ Katherine nodded. She did not understand which empire he referred to but knew that any wrong move spelt trouble. ‘Good! Joshua and his father are thorns. It was the beginning of the month of February of year 1996 and my exams were due March, my mom told me that my mausi is coming over our place to give us a visit, before my exams. I knew that my mausi always visited me before my board exams and gave me some pocket money to spent after exams. But this time, I had a different feeling. As my mom was teaching in a school and my father was with a financial institution. I asked my mom inquisitively that whether she is going to stay, she told me that. He simply smiled at her, knowing that she meant well and not really caring enough to be offended. Just as Sarah got up off the bed and started to straighten her skirt, Daniel grabbed her arm, and she felt butterflies. He stood square in front of her, leaning down he started to kiss her. He brought his other hand to her other arm, then slowly he ran his tongue along her lips, and she opened her mouth slightly, inviting him to kiss her deeply. His hands ran down her arms feeling her goosebumps,.

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