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’ ‘That would be me,’ Ben said, flashing a smart-aleck grin. Dan smiled. ‘We’ll see. By the way, your girlfriend here was awesome yesterda.... Too bad you weren’t here to see her break those records.’ He shot Lexie a hostile look. ‘Yeah, well, she had enough people here to see it. She didn’t need me.’ Lexie gave Ben a hard stare. ‘That’s not true and you know it. It was your choice to stay home, not mine.’ Dan now knew that Lexie hadn’t been kidding about the spat she mentioned yesterday. He. The temperature was dropping a bit outside as the sun went down, but inside the cabin it was plenty warm, warm enough that Li wanted to take some time to clean off the makeup and the wig. She did that first, then I joined her in the shower where I explained that I wanted her for a bedtime snack. She said yes (big surprise) but she wanted to return the favor.Hot water was limited so we did not run it continuously. We took time between washings to explore the territory, first with soapy fingers.. The clock at bedside read 3:40 a.m. What’s going on? Robed in the red silky Chinese gown, she made her way downstairs in the darkness, went to the door and looked through the peephole. Kelly! She opened the door. “Oh my gosh, Kelly, what’s wrong! Come in!” The girl wore a long black leather coat, tennies, her hair down and no make-up. “Mary, I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to put you guys out, but Terri’s still down in Texas and I got lonely, especially after tonight with you guys…oh gosh,. Reaching down grabbing her thighs I pulled her up to me and she wrapped her legs around. My hands feeling her ass and back as we made out. Walking her to the bed and laying her down gently. She removed her top exposing her little boobs an puffy pink nipples. My cock enraged I started sucking her tits as she ran her fingers through my hair. I pushed my shorts to the floor. Slowly I licked and sucked down her belly. She untied her bikini. Her hand grabbed my hair tight and made me look at her..

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