Bangla Indian Doggy Style

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Jana was her usual sexy, pretty, and prissy self. She was dressed in thesame way only her skirt was blue denim and her top was bright red. Herlong nai...s, which I found out later were acrylic, had been freshly done inred. Her lipstick matched her nails and her eye shadow was bluish silver.Her head band was blue denim which identified with her hazel eyes. She wasso pretty!Jana hands me a black shoulder bag: "This is your bag and has some makeupand things you will need." Oh Great! This bag was. He was great to look at and a beautiful example of manhood. He also got me into B-Street because he knew a guy who worked at the door and I was just told to be casual, not order any alcoholic drinks and blend in with the crowd. The place was dimly lit and large so it was easy to be incognito and have a good time. It was such a great place with a big dance floor and the music was awesome. Richard would instantly start mingling and so I would hang out and check out guys. I was a little shy there. We laid on the bed, hugging each other. She was very much tempted to have sex with me but controlled until the next morning when even I could not control. We ended up having wild sex.Unfortunately, we had kept the windows open, and our neighbors could see us fucking. But it did not matter to us because we were madly in lovemaking and wild sex.While leaving, she asked if I was comfortable sleeping with her ‘friends’ to exchange some money. I thought it would be 2 or 3 women and agreed to it. She. "Ya think so?" she said, wrapping her arms around his neck. He kissed her lips, softly at first, then more demanding. He reached his hands down below her butt, picked her up, laid her on the bed, and laid on top of her. His hands ran up her shirt and up and down her back. "Oh baby," he said, lifting up a little to pull her shirt off. She reached up, and pulled his shirt up over his head and unbuttoned his jeans. He reached down and started kissing her again. She slowly moved the zipper down on.

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