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We ate some snacks and was watching TV when the doorbell rang, it was Joe, come in I said, and introduced him to Rose, Dam ole buddy you weren’t me, She’s does look great”, Rose started blushing and said Hello. Rose and I sat on the couch and Joe sat next to us in my recliner chair, Joe broke out a bottle and we started drinking, when Joe suggested cards, we all went into the kitchen table and started playing poker, after awhile the drinks kicked in and the bets became real as Rose lost. ”Master Rod responded, “I could wake her up and see what her true limits are...” He shrugged, “Of course, she might die first. Some of them are like that. They want it more and more and more and more until it kills them.”The slave was more or less responsive and was able to stand with help from her Master and the eunuchs. As they walked into the darkness, Master Rod swung the paddle and threw it aside. There was an obvious bulge in the front of his leather pants. Beating the painslut had. She stopped and turned around. "The woman who ... you think about when we paint?" She was looking at him through lowered lashes."Yes." he answered."I think I'd like to hear that poem. Would you read it to me?" She sounded uncertain, her voice husky."Yes." His voice was firm."Well then ... bring it with you." She turned and went on.Robby already had it in the pocket of his robe. He followed her.When he got to the studio she was already behind the easel, looking at the painting. He dropped his. Things are going to get real bad around here. Your orders are to protect the university at all costs even if it means firing upon protesters.”“They’re civilians.”“I know that,” Betsy said. She gestured around the building and said, “If you don’t protect the university, the island will sink into a dark age so black that you’d be better off killing your children than allowing them to face that kind of future.”“You can’t be serious.”Betsy said, “We’re stuck on an island in the middle of the ocean.

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