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Stop being an idiot. He wrenched his eyes up and smiled, trying not to look as guilty as he felt."Corridor one, room five?"She nodded, then placed a v...lvet-furred hand on the counter, milky white claws tapping it lightly. Her paws, his mind noted irrelevantly, were darker; they shaded into a gray so deep that it was nearly charcoal. "So tell me, Con. Where do you find your native music on this planet? It is very enjoyable. I may need to invest in some." She smiled at the small joke on the daily. And I’m glad to have some more V, thank you very much!” Jason grinned as he kept pounding the vampire cuties.“Well, it’s been wild, hasn’t it, honey? You certainly have brought back that whole ‘free love’ thing that I set aside for a while. And your blood is pretty swell, thank you very much. Even if you control the supply completely, of course. But that’s necessary, I get it. I’m glad that you share your ladies’ and gents’ blood as well,” Amy Burley agreed as I slid hungrily in and out of her. Of course, I had to take a look and see what the setup with the lights was before I made it over there. There were motion sensors hooked up to all four spotlights and any one of them would turn on all the lights. That would be an interesting circuit to design and install. Especially when the fixtures were already up. I wouldn't be surprised if Alex had run some extra wiress here and there to make changes easier down the road. The motion detectors looked like they belonged where they were. Then for once I decided to take the initiative, and asked Patrick to fuck me."OK, how?" he responded, already getting a condom ready as we stood up."On my back," I decided, as I didn't think my legs would take the strain of even partially supporting me if I was to be buggered again. We both lubed up and then, with Ai Ling watching us, I lay on my back, my legs raised up and spread, and he knelt down bending forward over me, resting on his arms either side. He shoved his cock up my anus with no.

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