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I heard Kate pick it up in the hallway. She didn't come get me, so I just assumed it was either for her or one of my parents. After about half an hour... Kate told me the call was for me. That's when I knew it was Clara calling."Hello Clara." Hello. I asked my mom, and I can go on Friday. Would you be mad if Kate went with us? She says she hasn't been anywhere in a long time. She promises to sit somewhere away from us, if you'll take her." I was hoping we could treat this like a real date, Clara.. Jacy grasped onto the sliver of hope that her mom would one day return. With every birthday card, and occasional phone call the false hope would build up inside her. In fact for her eleventh birthday I took her to NYC just so she could spend time with her mom. She promised she’d meet us for dinner, but she never showed up.Jacy was worried that something happened to her mom so we went to her apartment in Hoboken, and discovered that her mom wasn’t like either of us remembered. She was strung out. ”“Yes!” I gasped as she shoved down her panties, revealing her pussy. Her shaved pussy. I blinked at that, my mother’s pussy lips on display, pink and swollen, thrusting out of her vulva like the blossoms of a beautiful flower, her nectar beading on the folds. “You’re going to love it.”She let out a purr of delight, nodding her head.She walked to her closet naked, my eyes following her rump until I couldn’t turn my neck any more. I stared down at the comforter, trembling, waiting for her to eat. The man gets 2 minutes with the girl, then the drums fall quiet, his que to get out, even if he has not cum in her pussy. So it goes on the men each having 2 minutes until one fire his full load all the way up her. Then she is taken out and the next girl takes her place. There always enough men to keep it going. About 100 men and some visitors from the next village, this to spread new blood.All sorts of things happen in the room. If the girl wants the man and he is making her cum, she will ride.

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