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They exchanged addresses and agreed to write, but Emma knew there was no future in their love affair. She returned to the bed which was once again her... and hers alone, a fresh gap in her life as she missed the comfort of her lover. She wasn’t to remain alone for long, as now it was clear to others in Sunbury where her tastes in love lay, she attracted the attention of others who shared her predilections. She was soon sharing her bed with Petula, a short-haired slim girl barely much more than. I saw her hand move, so I looked up. Her face was still blocked by the report so I returned my attention to her shorts. She reached up the leg with her hand, lifted her buttocks to loosen her panties. She stretched the opening and began scratching her pubic mound. As her hand moved, I could see her cunt lips protruding from her bush. After a couple of seconds, she removed her hand. She then closed the report and sat up. She said, "Let's get a drink and sit at the kitchen table." I. My hands flew out and grabbed her kicking legs tight, her body all but immobile between the two of us. I nodded to Daddy, and we moved towards the living room. We could hear the giggling of the girls upstairs as Daddy sat back on the couch, the struggling woman still unable to get free and now sitting on his lap.The gasp she let out and her widening eyes made clear she’d felt the bulge in Daddy’s pants. Her hands went down to her sides and tried to claw at his hips, but she couldn’t quite get. When Donna stripped to join us we saw that she had shaved her pussy.I immediately dropped to my knees “come here I want to eat you” I said. Janet ran her hand down Donna’s bare slit “that feels nice” she said. Donna said “I was told if I shaved everyone would want to eat me so let's go play”. Janet and I both agreed then suggested we go to the bedroom,“okay who wants what”Donna said laying down on the bed with her legs spread wide. Seeing her bald pussy spread before us Janet and I both.

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