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"Nah, that's okay, go ahead; remember, you are under orders to be every one of your teachers' favorite student, showing up late to their first class d...esn't help with that." Oh," Hannah said as she suddenly turned and started running without looking back.She was just turning a corner toward the center building door when CRASH!"Oww," Hannah said getting up quickly and seeing the young hazel-eyed brunette trying to stand as well. "Oh dear," Hannah said, "I shouldn't have been running like that,. .so...”“Amazing,” Xera suggested.“I didn't want to say it,” Minx admitted, “but, yes. Amazing. He didn't even look at me. No one has reflexes like that.”“The Ritual of the Womb,” Sophia said. “Two knights and two priestesses united as spiritual siblings all reborn in Slata's metaphorical womb.” She shuddered. “Sounds so icky.”“Pregnancy and birth is part of womanhood,” Angela pointed out.“The icky parts,” blanched Sophia. “The parts that require a man. Saphique was wise to distance herself from. ’ I tell him. The man finishes ringing up my items and it comes out to just over a hundred dollars. Instead of using Selena’s money, I hand the guy my debit card and he swipes it through the machine. I sign the receipt and he hands me the bag with the toys inside. I head back out to my car and drive down the road to the Chinese restaurant. When I get back to the apartment, I open the door and Selena and Demi are dancing around the living room with the stereo blaring. I walk over and set the. Paige called on Friday, December the thirteenth. ‘You’re still there!’ she exclaimed in disbelief. ‘They have another week before they finish. There have been complications. Are you coming?’ After a few seconds of silence, she said she would call when she knew what time she would be there. I wasn’t sure if she was happy or sad about me still being there, but when she got off the bus there was no mistaking her glee. There was no mistaking the long embrace and kiss she gave me. She was.

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