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" Good." But you haven't missed anything." Ivan reminded me. "We don't do anything, but sleep if you're not there." Oh. Huh." I'd have to think about ...hat in depth later. "Anyway, the upshot is that you guys are hot as is, but you're hotter when you're seriously into what we're doing. So if you've got a fetish, I want you to get whatever you need to enjoy it. Yann, if it's around money, I want you in pants. The rest of the time, you can wear a dress if you want." He gasped. "Ivan, see what you. “I won’t!”, I cry back, spreading my legs for him. As he enters, I give a yell of agony. ...He thrusts harder with every second that passes. My grip on him tightens, crushing him down to me. I begin to give grunts and groans of pleasure. He smiles,“Do you like it?” My mouth hangs open, and I only just summon the energy to answer. Pulling him closer, I plead into his ear,“Yes! I love it! Please, pound me harder! Fuck me faster!” Giving a low groan, he slams me. I give a cry that it partway. I could sit here and paint for hours, and I usually do. I am daydreaming when I hear movement behind me. ‘Oh, my apologies I didn’t expect there to be anyone here. I was just trying to escape the excitement inside.’ I turn slowly expecting to see one of my father’s many friends, but am completely shocked at what I see. Behind me is the most gorgeous man I have ever seen. I slowly curtsy before replying, ‘No, I should be the one to apologise. I should also be in their as I am one of the reasons. Even as I could feel him stretching my pussy beyond recognition, I needed Marcus inside me. I needed his alpha male aggression, if only as a challenge to my adoring sap of a fiancé. He came twice inside me, then allowed me to rub his hot load all over myself as he jerked a third helping into my mouth.The house stank of sex. I lay on my back, leotard pulled down to expose my tits, the gusset half-torn, dripping with sweat. From the moment I felt Marcus pump his load into me, I ached with guilt..

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