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Suddenly the aliens were assailed from all sides by an Imperial battlestar grid designed to take out the aliens of both attack and close defence types... As the weapons in the grid were cloaked as well as controlled precisely by the AIs an alien ship would find itself hit by up to a hundred beams for a split second and being vapourised before the beams would switch to a new target. Nor were all the beams the same, there was a fifty-fifty mix of dispersion and hyperbeam types, along with masses of. “Seriously you can come out now. You won and Ben and Alisa are making Sundays for us.” I noticed the bathroom door open just a little and went to investigate. The lights were off so I stepped inside. Suddenly I feel someone’s hands holding my arms against the wall, his body grinding against me, and his lips locked onto mine.I try to push him off, but he just grinds hard. Finally I break free of his kiss. “John what are you doing? We’re cousins!” I hiss in a low whisper“But, I love you!” he. “C’mon now, don’t be shy,” she teased. It came open, and this time Sidney made no attempt to stop it. She let it slip to the floor and the woman looked at Sidney’s naked body, from her wet hair to her bald pussy to her bare feet standing on the carpet.Sidney looked at the woman, from her long, flowing locks to the landing strip trimmed neatly above her slit to the tiger tattooed on her ankle. The woman stepped forward towards Sidney. I think maybe we should play a little ‘adult’ truth or dare.. "What's the matter fledgling," Rosa smiled. "You look a little pale."She released his arm and it swung down to Phil's side. Rosa waved her hand in front of his face.Phil continued to stare into space."Um Verdé, I think we might have broken our toy warlock," she said."Tsk Rosa. I keep telling you to be careful. Humans are far more delicate than us."Verdé took Phil by the hand."Come fledgling. We'll go and have a nice relaxing fuck in my special garden and you'll be as right as rain again."Phil.

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