Swami Nithyanantha Scandal part 3

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Hug karte hi mene uske lips ko apne lips keep saath kaid kar Liya. Mera ek haath uski kamar par tha aur dusra hath uski chati par gum raha tha. Sarita...bhi mera saath de rahi thi. Abh hum ek dusre ke jib se khel rahe the. Kariban 15 minute tak him aise hi kiss karte rahe.Phir mujse raha nahi gaya mene use god me utta kar sarita ko bed par lityaa. Uske chere par khusi bhari muskaan lehra rahi thi. Mene apni shirt uttari aur usse lipat gaya. Hum ek dusre ko pagalo ki tarah chum rahe the .. Dhire. I knew he was back in my control.We packed up and drove back home. Back in our town we stopped at mydress store, "Betty's Shape and Dress Shop". Soon it might be Terry'snew store. I wanted to get matching dresses so we could dress as twins.This should be interesting test I thought.I didn't know how far I could push Terry into wearing a dress but I wasgoing to try.Here was Terry walking into a dress shop with a very pretty top onclearly showing his bra underneath and sporting a very girlish. If I had learned one thing from GrandmaMary, and from my own dealings with Jenny, teasing her is a lot of fun.'Oh, darn I can't," I say which earns me a frown from Jenny. "I gottasee that guy about that thing. Geez I wish I could but you know I gottasee that guy."My smart alek comment earns a playful punch and a sarcastic "Ha Ha,"from Jenny. "Seriously, I know you don't want to go but I need youthere. I don't want to face Marty and Marilyn alone. Is it OK?" Thehug I gave Jenny pretty much. Your skin was like ivory, and you had a scattering of light freckles across your nose. You were like an angel to me. You raised your arm and clutched it to your chest and padded the last few steps to me. Your smile disappeared for a brief moment as your eyes studied my face. You looked into my eyes and grinned again, biting your lip a little. You were still silent. Taking the plunge, I swallowed and said very quietly, ‘Who do I have the pleasure of meeting, Miss?’ You looked to the floor,.

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