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They began using the showers during prescribed “girl” time; that effort at segregation fell like a Montgomery, Alabama lunch counter in the 1960s.... No more apologies. Girls and guys showered together at the same time. We were headed for a confrontation with the college. We knew it -- just the college didn’t. Mr. Pritchard always worked a half-day on Saturday, so he’d be witness to whatever transpired. Lisa and a small committee she formed planned the day. It was to be a party. Food and. Let's do some riding."We worked with Gypsy for a couple hours with the girls taking turns in our little corral learning how to sit, hold the reins, and cue their horse for different strides. Rhonda had frequently been on Gypsy with me, but this was her first time alone in the saddle unless I had a lead rope on. She was comfortable and did fine. Samantha was a little more nervous, but the more she rode, the more comfortable she became.Princess was in the pasture, but she kept pacing back and. ..of...fact," I replied, intentionally slowing way down, and over-emphasizing that "matter of fact" phrase, as I was sarcastically imitating Ray's response. "So what else do you wanna know, before I go on with my story?" I asked, trying my best to be even more sarcastic with Ray."Did you play with Art's balls that night?" What do you think?" I smartly quipped back."Judging from what you do to me all the time, I think you spent more time playing with Art's balls than you did playing with his. I grabbed my bag and was headed towards my front door when I saw Sandy coming out of her place. She saw me and then waved and started heading towards me. I said hello to her and asked her if she wanted to come in and have a Coke or something. She followed me in and I took my bag upstairs before coming down and getting the two of us some drinks. We were sitting on the couch and I was telling her about my Santa Barbara mini vacation and telling her that I'd had a great time just walking around,.

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