Slave with me

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It felt like a mini-cock. She started a very rapid in and out movement. It felt so good. "Now I'm really fucking you, she screamed. I am going to hard and deep until I come inside you" She was really bouncing up and down on me now and it really felt like her clit was penetrating me. I could tell she was really close and then all of a sudden she pushed really hard into me and started to shudder and shake. I could feel her juices all over and into my ass. That did it. I came too all the. It was fun and the first of these types of dinner party I had ever been to. Over the next month we regularly met at the Spa and again I was invited over as this time they had gotten out some promotional videos they had of naturist beaches and clubs which they thought I might like to see. When I arrived at their flat they were naked so I stripped off and made myself at home. This time I had taken over a bottle of wine and it was opened immediately. They asked if I wanted to watch the videos at. ...i------------ (we) got a shock....................There standing in my room near the bed was Saurabh. ( he came in as i had forgotten to lock the door when i was checking who knocked)We both didnt say anything for a minute. Then i saidme- I am soo sorry about this - i'll go change( fully scared as he might react negatively and get angry or report me )He just stood thereafter another min i said again " you go to the bar i will meet you there ".him- yessss okkkkhe went out and i closed the. Not until recently, that is. Lex had opened so many possibilities to her, so many paths, and now, she found herself considering doing exactly just that. Val had gone to visit her parents for a few days. It would be so easy to simply leave the drive on her desk before going to bed, knowing that she would find it sometime this weekend, while she was away at Lex’s, wondering if curiosity would compel her open it. She felt a fresh rush of desire flood her and for a moment forgot herself, rubbing.

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