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Anjali: Yes he does.Me : I would have loved to seeing your boobs.Anjali: you will go crazy seeing my big boobs.Me: I have a fetish of big boobs.Anjali... you really wanna see my boobs.Me: Yes show me.Anjali: waitShe send me a pics of her boobs and they r seriously very huge.Me: they are soo huge wanna suck them m squeeze them hard.Anjali: do anything you want m desperate.Me : so when should we meet and fuck you hard..?Anjali: soon! just have patience.Such conversation were our daily routine for a. I thought a lot of that was down to Judy.I knew they had sex. It was hard not to hear them, and I didn’t begrudge it at all. If anything, I was a little envious of the relationship they had. They seemed so happy and full of fun. From what I’d observed, and what Judy had told me, Kate was the dominant partner in the bedroom – though they seemed pretty equal when in company. Strange how things turned out, given that Judy had been the Head Girl at school.Until Kate and Judy started going out, I’d. . well o.k i said , what are you telling me ? she's my lover said zoe , i just wanted you to know before we took things any further , i simply said it's not a problem your private life is your own affair,do you want to talk about it i asked , can we have a drink asked zoe so yes we had a drink and she opened up a little, she wenton the say that her and julie were lovers, but for professional reasons it was easier to tell people they where mother & daughter purely on the grounds of their age. "This must be your regular place," I said."One of them, yes. We generally go somewhere close to the office. There are only about three feasible places that are close, and serve decent-enough food to merit consideration."I ordered a small steak, salad, and a baked potato. I had skipped breakfast -- as instructed -- in honor of the physical examination, and by now I was more than ready to eat. To my surprise, Lucy ordered a full-bore meal that could have served as dinner, and not just as lunch.

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