NOOO ...” he cried out, “MISTRESS... HAVE MERCY... oooohhhh... it was not my fault.” Not entirely perhaps, I thought, but there was a sufficienc... of blame in him, in the way he had handled me when I was a helpless submissive. I opened the largest of the bulldog clips and clamped it on his flaccid prick, just behind its large knob. He screamed. “Hurts... does it?” I enquired, seeing him shudder. “Y-Yes... yes... Mistress...” he whined. “Ooohh... have mercy ...” “I ‘m glad,” I said. I noted. “Okay.”I put my hands on his thighs and took the head into my mouth, tasting his pre-cum. Slowly, I worked him into my mouth a little at a time. I wasn’t in a rush and I wanted him to really enjoy it. I worked him in deeper, ensuring my mouth stayed warm and wet. After a few seconds, my saliva was dripping down his shaft and a little pool had collected on his balls. I moved one hand to his chest and gently rubbed while relaxing the muscles in my throat. He slid a hand into my hair and lovingly. We refused ta sell ta any store what wuz more than a one-day trip from our production facilities. Hell, we could of supplied several states ifen we had more than just wagons ta do the haulin'.Me an' Jane talked 'bout puttin' up more manufacturin' plants spaced 'round the country, but we decided that we jus' wuzn't ready fer that, yet. Maybe later, but right now, we had all we could do ta keep track of our one plant.The craziest thin' 'bout our operation wuz that we sold every piece of meat what. ”“Oh god…Yes.. I feel it…….Your giving me your baby….Black….Baby….” All Keith heard now was grunts and groans coming from both Michelle and Peter. Heavy breathing now and little moans coming from Michelle. “Oh God Michelle, that was so hot…..”“Yeah..”They were still breathing hard trying to catch their breath. “Oh Fuck baby. I pumped enough juice in your belly to make a thousand babies tonight..”“Yeah I know. Going to be all sticky..”“When you going to go off the pill for real?”“Oh God…Don’t.

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