.surfer. Understands me, yes?" You mean a special word I can use so you know I am serious about not enjoying this?" Ya. Something like this." Let me g...t that term, 'Cannonballs,' as this word today. Is cannonballs good with you?" Cannonballs, got it. Tammy said. " I hope I don't have to use it because this is real exciting so far..." ... your going to love it, Hon," Doug said, getting up to look at his restrained wife from various positions.Feeling proud of his design, Tom asked Doug, "You like. ''A dozen!' I exclaimed, parting my legs a little to give Jerome more access to my semi-erect cock.'Or more,' he added, grinning.'Really?' I queried.'Yep,' he said, squeezing my cock. 'Those photographs of you and me in the clearing caused quite a stir. You're the group's new pin-up. They all want to meet you now.''Really!' I said, grinning like a Cheshire cat.'So, you gonna take off your togs and walk bare-arsed to the front door?' he asked.'I might do,' I replied, buoyed up by the 'pin-up'. Probably dead, if they hadn’t shown up yet. They managed to keep the entire arena from burning all at once, for whatever good that did us. If they were lucky, they were fleeing.All the allies we had hoped would pitch in- the arena guards, the competing knights, Ricard- were dead around us, having been burned or hacked to pieces by Gogol, Mariska’s mercenary companion who was more than happy to murder people on her behalf. Some party they turned out to be. At least Gogol was dead, too, having. .. sorry....Got to go, willtext later, bye for now, enjoy your girly day....xxxxxxI was going to reply, as I thought every time I text with the oldJessica, I seemed to be worse of, just as I was in thought there was aknock on the front door, I went back down stairs and into the frontliving room and looked out of the window and saw Lucy, I open the frontdoor, Lucy smiled and said "Hiya".I had briefly seen her on occasion when I had picked Jessica up fromschool on our dinner time dates, she was.

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