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"A few hundred, tops," Amanda informed her. "But worth every penny, if you like it." Emma heard the 'come on'... was it a 'come on'? Emma was getting ... little warm and glanced away from Amanda's chest as the blue suited 'businesswoman' slid round to sit beside her pink frocked 'little girl'. Emma had a habit of attaching labels to people sometimes. The 'businesswoman' slipped her left arm around the 'little girl's' waist, her right hand resting protectively on her knee, but the 'little girl'. "Fuck...", was all Michael could say. Maggie laughed as Michael and I drew her to us, running our hands around her thighs and up under the dress to feel her ass.The sweet, bubbly persona disappeared as I slid my hand to her pussy, Michael and I standing as we pulled her to us. Maggie wasted no time in reaching for our cocks, rubbing them through our pants. As Michael stripped, I kissed Maggie deeply while undoing my jeans and springing out my cock for her to take hold of.We layed her down on. ..Would you show me what to do." Kathie turned away again, then looked back. "You've always been so nice. I know you wouldn't hurt me." "My parents don't get home for three hours. We could do it now and you could teach me." I was shocked at what she asked. I froze not knowing how to respond. After all, she was only eighteen years old. I thought to myself, "I hope I don't regret this" and took Kathie's hand pulling her towards my house. I couldn't believe I was going to do this. We went up to my. The sensation of his hairy chest rubbing against my breast, his breath hot against my neck. He held still for what seemed so long, then he pulled out very slowly. I felt my insides clinging to him, wanting him to stay for ever inside of me. He pulled out to his head and then groaned softly. He thrust back into me hard. I cried out in pleasure an pain. The feeling of him moving deeply inside me again. He gripped me tightly and I wrapped my legs around him as he held himself inside of me once.

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