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I'm hoping early May or thereabouts if all goes well. We seem to have gotten over the major hurdles now." Do you intend to show it to others ... poten...ial investors perhaps?" Not until we're satisfied it will do what we claim and do it under stressful conditions. Kevin and I have talked about it and we think we'll do a lot of our testing in Nevada. Probably around Nellis Air Force base. He says that area has both the terrain and water conditions that will meet our needs. Then we'll do some. "Looks like our little sister is all grown up," said Terry, ogling the front of my waistcoat."Sure does," confirmed Joe.I sat down to watch them work, despite the heat, their near naked bodies was getting to me. I needed to be pinned to my bed by a large cock and bloody soon to or I'll go crazy. Just then I heard the phone ring and I went to answer it."Hi June, it's Janice," said my friend, "why don't you come on over to my house and hang awhile." Great," I said anything to get away from the. But if youve been drugged for so many years, why arent you addicted? I asked. I am&hellip, she cried. I realized that Loreena had given her painkillers not long ago. She must have stolen the rest of Loreenas supply. Keeping herself on a dose that would allow her to function must have been a skill she easily mastered. I pulled her to me and kissed her. Im sorry. But, if you were being used like that, why did you come to be trained by me? Why not go to the&hellip,.co I stopped&hellip,she couldnt. She reached down into my bulging crotch, her gloved hand stroking my erection. ‘I do believe you are pleased to see me,’ she said sarcastically. Her slender fingers moved to the buckle of my belt and her face became a little more serious, ‘Are you going to use this on me?’ she husked. I nodded lamely, stunned as to why such a beautiful woman would want a gawky eighteen year-old to whip her. My balls ached and I almost came in my pants. She led me over to a dining chair and motioned for me to.

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