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”She looked at the bottles set up behind the bar.“Set me up with a couple shots of tequila.”Normally she avoided tequila because she felt it got...her drunk too fast. After downing the first one, she remembered she didn’t much care for the taste either. “Holy shit.”The second one went down a bit easier. The third one, overkill at this point, went down the easiest.“Life problems?”It was the guy sitting closest to her.Lisa looked up at him, “Oh yea.”She was already feeling the shots.“Mind if I ask. She then said oh ok, but she is scared it will hurt. I told her it shouldn't hurt at all if you get lubed up properly and loosened properly. She then said maybe one day once we dating. I heard the hint she threw and I then said oh so you really into me. She said yes I really like you a lot and would like it if you were mine. I replied saying that sounds lovely as I also like you a lot and would like to get to know you better in different ways.She then asked if we were a couple and I said yes we. She held his big, smooth balls while she sucked on his rod. Her cheeks were bulging, spit oozed down the corners of her mouth while she gave him head in her hallway. He had his hands in her blonde long hair. Doreen’s nipples were rock hard. He twisted and pulled on each nipple while she sucked his big dick. “I’d really like to fuck you now. You’re so god damn beautiful.” Doreen took his cock out of her mouth and stood up. “I want you right on your stairs. Bend over and present that gorgeous ass. Jackie hadn't had her turn sucking Gregg's cock yet so she did the honors. Being the oldest, she's the most experience cocksucker of the group.The triplets really wanted to belong to the group so they put their fears aside and concentrated on their pussies being licked, sucked and finger fucked. All three were then well greased around and in their pussies with K-Y jelly. Anna went first as she straddled Gregg's cock and slowly lowered herself down. Carla took hold of his cock and rubbed it.

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