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“Now take the diskette out, and stick the write-protect label over the notch, like this. Now try to copy another file to that diskette.”I was plea...ed to see that everyone was able to do that task successfully.We went through a few more exercises, and I did a quick revision to end the lesson.“After lunch, you are going to be lucky, I won’t be teaching the next few lessons, but you will have Debra teaching you all about how to use the spreadsheet and word processing software,” I said. “We’ll. ”“Spying on me?” I grinned.“No, but it happens. And I’ve talked to Clarissa, Sandy, Sophia, and last semester, Melody. You’re a bit freer around them than around me.”“Is that a problem?” I asked.“No. You know how conservative I am. Or, as my dad calls it, ‘properly ladylike’. Probably about how Tasha’s dad expects her to behave.”I nodded, “Yes. I act the same way around her parents as I do you, though I’m a bit freer with joking and teasing around you because you said it was OK.”Angie smiled. "But he said it! I heard him!" No, just shut your mouth, I've had it for one day. You said your peace and laid your flowers. Now let's get the hell out of here."Marilyn gave her sister a look of affront, then huffed and marched towards the car.Sandra frowned at Richie. "And I don't want to hear a damn word from you about your aunt, even after we drop her off, you got me?" Yeah, Mom, no problem," Richie said, his voice still shaky.Richie followed his mother towards the car. He looked back at the. FINGER, with horror he hears Julia behind her back, it is the zipper on her purple bra, her big breasts begin to jump out of the cups, giving that discomfort, deciding to fasten it, Julia throws one hand behind her back, starting to feel the fastening mechanism there, but unable to find the zipper without looking decides to turn there.Then there was a cry of Selena through the radio in an earring, watch the flight, right in front of you is a skyscraper, now you will crash into a wall!.

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