.. Excuse me?" David smiled as he spoke, trying to ease the impactof his words.The girl smiled back, bright and wide, and full of hope. Which only mad...David's smile feel fragile, and stupid, and wrong. He was panicking, alittle, on the inside. He'd already accepted that he'd been taken toanother world - and he's started to realize that they'd made a mistake,grabbing him - but he had never, for a moment, thought that he'd beexpected to save this world. That was just patently ridiculous."I don't. my surprise lisa was sat at her desk with tears streaming down her face..i asked what was wrong and she told me that her boyfriend had dumped her because he was seeing someone else..being sympathetic as i am i told her not to worry as she was a young and also a very attractive lady...she had made the effort to dress up for him on this occasion wearing a very tight lycra dress which highlighted her figure tremendously...i couldnt help but notice how her breasts were straining against the. My eyes nearly popped out my head as I realized that her mother was totally right in asking her to wear something decent, there she was putting the sunbed up wearing what can only be described as a mini thong, I could clearly see her arse and while watching I instantly grabbed my now semi hard cock. She also had on a small bra hiding her, at a guess, 32a cup titties, I could only see the back view as she looked around and then lay face down on the sunbed, it was a sight to behold seeing this. Fred began to pull Christian's thong down her long legs finally exposing her young shaven pussy. Emimen gasped as he looked at her delicious looking cunt and Fred knelt down spreading her legs open ready to eat her pussy.Carson and Christina were still lip locked and Emimen decided to make his way towards them. He moved his head down sucking on Christina's hard nipples and gently biting them with his teeth. Christina let out a loud moan as soon as she felt Eminem's mouth on her tits. She.

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