’ ‘I say we do belong there. Communist aggression is a fact of life that needs to be contained.’ ‘No, Cole, it’s a civil war over there. No...e of our business. Don’t tell me you believe in the domino theory?’ ‘Theory? Come on, El. Look at Eastern Europe. Red China. North Korea. Cuba. All mighty good evidence that it’s more than just theory. Laos, Thailand and Cambodia could all be next. We’ve got to show our resolve in stopping communist aggression. Otherwise, we look weak in the eyes of our. Everything was sold out, except this red, skin-tight “The Flash” costume. I could have continued to look, but all this researching and reviews were sucking the fun right out of the idea of it all and it was cheap enough, so I looked at their size chart to see which would fit me best, and ordered it.About a week before Halloween, my costume arrived. I didn't even bother to open it. I was too focused on getting all my assignments done, so I could have a stress free night. The week finally ended,. BBC has been my obsession for the last several years.[Me] We seem to match up![Tina] Oh? How so?[Me] My kink is mature and white.[Tina] Are you just saying that or do you have experience?++++++Tina's question spurred a favorite memory. I was a freshman in college when I was at the grocery store buying some snacks. The woman directly in front of me in the checkout line was very attractive—she stood five feet, two inches tall, was slim, and had nice curves. I guessed she was in her late. " So that's it? Put out or get out? That's what you're telling me? Why don't you just take what you want?"I did o't know then why I said that, but I do know now. It was my subconscious desire leaking out. He never offered me the "put out" option. He never gave a hint that he would consider "taking" me, but I suddenly realized that is exactly what I wanted him to do. I did not find the idea of sex with him repulsive. I just did not find him attractive. That is why I had quickly consigned him to.

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