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This extremely hot girl, which he'd had a crush on for the last two years and was secretly the source of many late-night fantasies, was totally coming...on to him. Sarah started to unbotton her shirt. "What are you doing?" Marcus asked. Sarah moved her lips next to his ear, "Fuck me." She whispered. Marcus's boner strained against Sarah's tight ass. Without needing any more incentive, Marcus almost ripped off Sarah's shirt and undid the clasp of her bra, letting both items fall to the floor and. After a while she started to moan and groan reached down to my head and pulled me closer and told me to lick faster, she was so wet by this time and it made me hard making her cum, after a few mins of her moaning and grinding onto my face she said that was enough as she was to sensitive down there now, she could she I was hard so put condom on me and asked did I wanna try doggy, I said yes so she bent over, she had a massive fat arse said not to even think of sticking it up her ass as she would. There had been a kind of hidden glee behind his regrets and apologies, even though he had struggled to come clean about it all. He wanted his freedom, a fresh start, an opportunity for success in his career and status in life and these things were now firmly within his grasp. He didn’t want anyone getting in the way of that, least of all me. He tried to see me the next day, but I didn’t feel like meeting him. There was nothing to say and no kisses to kiss. I loved him still, but how could I. She (the babysitter – more of a neighbor who kept an eye on me) came over at lunch time and at other routine times. I also would have to go to her house to check in. I got to the point that I would stand just inside the bathroom door with it slightly open and masturbate while looking out the door at her. This became a routine occurrence at my house. I then got bolder and begin to do the same thing every time I was at her house. Looking back I am sure she knew what was going on. One day I went.

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