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..?” “I need a real man to satisfy me. My husband can’t please me... he.. .he is just too small. I need a man that can make me c...y out in pleasure and fuck me for hours. Please give it all to me!” “Oh, I’ll fuck you all right!” he replied. “I’ll fuck you all night if you want!” He slipped down some and pulled my legs wide apart. I had one leg over the backseat and the other resting over the front seat. Then he licked the palm of his hand and ran it the length of. What confused and startled her was the young Alex making the first move. She had fantasized about the young girl so often, getting herself off looking at pictures she had taken of her, and now as Alex’s full soft lips melted against hers it almost seemed surreal.Even though Loren knew how dangerous this was she also had a sense that this felt remarkably right, she was still not entirely sure she was comfortable with the liberties the young teen gril seemed to be unable to stop herself from. Lights off, opening the back, dragging the dead weight of the woman back far enough to get her over my shoulder. Smelling her pants. Perfume and tobacco smoke but nice. Smaller than I first thought too. Good. Hope she is tight. Smiling. Her ass will be even if her cunt is loose and sloppy from big dildos and strap-ons.Through the back, down the hallway. The small iron postered bed. Tossing her down on her back. Good! Still breathing. Pretty limp but alive.Changing his mind. Better to have her. Three weeks ago, Joan and Omar had given me thechoice of either being trained in the arts of pleasing men, and offeredas a plaything to Omar's business associates, or of staying with theHarem, where, among Omar's wives, I would be cut off from contact withall other men.The rub was that I was assigned to the Harem as their Plaything, andthe Arabian Women, reveling at the chance to vent their pent-up spiteand resentment on an American Male, spent their time thinking up newcruelties and fresh.

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