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All I know was that something inside my head was changing. Whatever it was that had been taking over my brain these past few months was now talking and calling my name. I answered her and asked who she was. I’m Colleen, she answered me. Colleen, I asked questioningly. Yes and we have been trying to break through to you for about the last six months, she said. I thought I was going nuts talking to someone inside my mind when she went on to tell me they were the ones that had been. .. and we all do this together?" Sam asks."What? No! Not a Chance!" I yell, while staring at Wes's huge throbbing cock."Oh come on, I know all about the porn on your computer you try to hide from me. It could be fun." she explains.For some reason I can't get my mind off his cock. It's so big. I've never seen a cock that big before. Ive always wanted to taste one, and feel one inside me but never had the chance, until now. I don't know what came over me but I replied "Yes. Lets do it."I. Turned on. After that day, I found myself searching for pissing videos of all kinds. Girls pissing in showers, girls pissing over toilets, girls pissing on floors over towels, and then girls pissing outside. The last one really hit a spot with me. I found myself searching for those videos the most often. It was so taboo, watching women piss in various spots outside. In the grass, on the sidewalk, down a set of stairs, down a slide. As I watched and watched, I could feel my pussy getting wetter. Three months pregnant and still the sexiest woman in town. You look good enough to eat."Lee beamed at me, "Why thank you sir. All compliments are gratefully accepted."The front doorbell rang dragging me out of a fitful sleep. I glanced at the bedside clock and wondered who could be getting me out of bed at 9a.m.on a Sunday morning. I grabbed my robe and went to the door; looking out the peephole I saw Lee standing there. I opened the door and invited her in and only then did I notice the.

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