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I was walking down a street called Poonsuk Road, which separates the temple complex from the nightlife area. Originally a stream that was covered over... it meanders very slightly. Towards the northern end, there are many massage shops, a couple of them respectable, the others less so.As one walks by the long lazy drawn-out calls of ‘Hello massage’ accost one from both sides.The lane dog-legs as it crosses Soi 57 and the last stretch is dotted with more massage shops, laundry shops, and various. ..damndest thing, but I can’t remember where we are.”“My hotel room,” Charlotte said, leading him in by the wrist. Robert looked at the cream-colored carpet, wide bed, and heavy curtains pulled tight over large windows. “So it is. Odd that I should forget right after coming in here. Actually, it wasn’t even like forgetting, it was like I never knew it in the first place. Imagine that, to all of a sudden find yourself somewhere and not know where it is, or why you're there, or who you. I didn't answer so he started again, "Now, if you want to play with my fat black cock tonight just tell me your room number. I've got a nice fat load built up and it's either yours or Natalie."So, not wanting him to fuck my girlfriend again, I told him my room number."Good faggot," he replied, "now, leave the door unlocked and be waiting in a pair of pink panties. I'll be there in fifteen minutes."As soon as he hung up I sprung into action. I jumped out of my chair and half sprinted to my. I could smell her arousal. Oh lucky me. Wendy was enjoying the spanking. Finally she yelled. "Harder Jimmy! Harder!" I began hitting her bottom harder and faster until her orgasm erupted so intensely that she was shaking and quivering on my lap.She slid off of my lap to kneel between my legs. She began sucking and slurping my rigid cock. She was doing more than sucking me off. Wendy was making love to my penis. Kissing it, licking it and mouthing it while mumbling and moaning. Even before she.

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