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Plans that I didn't think would ever exist and plans that I need to talk to you about."She sat back in her chair and the smile that was on her face me...ted away. "I don't like the sound of that. How bad is this going to be?" I don't know. For me, it is going to be a great change, and for you just more work."Slowly she said "okay."I tried to steady myself; I don't like giving bad news to people, not a fan of making people sad. "I need a leave of absence to take care of a few things. The sudden. Slowly she registered that she didn't move any more. The surroundings smelled of hot metal and gasoline. Strong hands touched her and moved her from the metal. Carefully the hands put her down on earth.Suddenly Jennifer heard a monstrous voice talking: “Sheees is dying...nothing we can do for her. Her body issh broken.” A female voice, but why did it sound so inhuman?"I will not forget you," a male voice said. Jennifer felt longing when she heard the voice. It sounded so empathic.. That favour came with the frequent oversight ofinspector Ansis from the Heva police. He was a tall willowy man ofnoticeably non-Roluan appearance.Additionally, the public attention back home had led to two separateteams of Roluan scholars joining us. They were competent in their fieldsof geology and archaeotechnology, so we allowed them to help withoutwaiting them to flaunt their government mandate on us.Less luckily, the presence of genuine experts didn't deter amateurs frompoking around and. He didn’t mention to anyone or did we say we were brother and sister people assumed we were in a relationship and we didn’t say anything to put this right. I had a great night quite a few glasses of wine and champagne were drunk and few dances together chatting to his work colleagues it was soon time to leave.We got back to the hotel heels off we had a drink together and a chat i said I was going to bed but before I went I asked him to unzip my dress as he was doing this he said “I wish you.

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