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Yum! I went over her in missionary started to kiss her lips as i rotated my waist touching our clits and feeling each others warmth... I started moani...g cause it felt so good...She then came over me putting one of my legs up opened up my wet pussy lips and sat right on top of me started to pound my pussy agrressively cause she couldnt get enuff we moaned so hard. She got up started sucking on ma pussy again as i went in my doggystle position and she came under me as i sat on her pussy started. Her hand went to my hard cock, and she replied, "And, you have a nice hard, long, cock brother," her little hand held it tight, "It might split me in two, but I'd be more than willing to try it once," she moved her hand up, and down the long shaft."I'm sure you've had one this big before," I told her, enjoying her hand moving up, and down my long, hard, shaft."Brother! I'm still a young maiden," she said, with a big, sexy smile. I couldn't believe what I'd just heard. A girl this hot, and sexy. I run my fingers over her lips and feel her clit poking out a little through them. She is squirming a little, wanting me to lick her. I see her hands sliding up to her breasts but then they slide back down to her pussy, wanting to play with her clit and finger herself. Her hand runs over her pussy as mine does. She encourages my fingers to slide inside. You are watching every move I make, making me want it even more. I spread her pussy apart a little and see her hard little clit. I lightly. It was pure, raw sex. I also noticed that, a majority of the women, maybe seventy percent, were like me. Divorced, horny soccer moms in their 30's and 40's. Most of the men, were under 35 years old. A bunch of young studs banging hormy MILF's.There were some couples who came together, but most people came alone. I guess there's a yearly fee to join this club. Couples come for free, female members, like Debbie, can bring a female guest. All single men, members or not, must pay a fifty dollar.

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