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" Speaking of business, what is this thing you have for me tomorrow?" How do you feel about robbing the cradle?" You need to explain that." It is a we...rd one. I have a woman who wants her son to lose his cherry. Apparently the kid is some kind of computer genius and all he wants to do is play with his computer. She doesn't think that is healthy and she figures if she gets him laid that will give him two things he will want to do instead of just one." How old is he?" He will be eighteen. Like a hawk in the noon day sun, I circle above my prey, waiting to pounce.Eventually, Danielle stopped crying. I asked her to look out the window (dozens of guys were walking, running and biking past us) and to point out the right type guy for her. We must have finished two more beers before she was able to find a Mr. Right type. I knew him from a class we shared and filed that vital info away for future use.Dear Diary: SundayOh my god, you will never believe the time I had last night. Jeeze. . one little nightstand light was on. Most of the room was illuminated in a dim light. My eyes discovered my mom and Ryan. She was on top riding his dick. She was bouncing up and down. Her giant breasts were swaying back and forth… up and down. Sticky sweet covered both of their bodies. She began to cum like crazy all over Ryan. There was so much liquid. I placed my hand down my pants and began to stoke my dick though my boxers. My mom finally pulled off of Ryan revealing his massive cock. I. Yet another orgasm blossomed and I screamed with pleasure. Buster started to whine and thrust harder and faster than before and that's when i felt his hot cum flood my pussy. Which made me cum hard again. He tried pulling out but my pussy refused, which made my pussy twist with pain and pleasure all in one. We sat there for about five minutes waiting for his cock to soften. When it finally did, his cock slipped from my pussy, my juices and his gushed out of my pussy and onto my bedroom floor..

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