" That's why I'm worried about ya. Ya handled it fine when ya could contact the rest of us, but now--" I've got help."Ned paused. Richie narrowed his ...yes as if daring Ned to ask for an explanation rather than just accepting it. "From who?" Ned demanded.One of Richie's hands shifted in its pocket, and paper rustled. "My father," he said in a low voice.Ned nodded. "Yeah, okay. Cassie told me she thought ya had some sorta link ta him." So don't sweat it anymore."Ned nodded again more slowly. So. The boobies had been augmented, of that he was now positive but it was as good a job a he’d ever seen. Her perfectly trimmed pussy was quite artfully displayed. Her hand was in his lap deftly releasing his belt and zipper. She leaned in and kissed him aggressively…probing urgently…forcing her tongue inside his mouth. He didn’t choose to resist the oral exploration. One of his hands found her firm posterior and explored her cleft. She moaned appreciatively. Diane slid down between his legs,. .. B broke out phone an took these pix of me, showed me how i looked suckin his dick, my phone vibrated... Black dick covering her tongue an her tits out was pic she sent, ha'I'll show this to B for u ma'... 2 minutes later she says yes, show B... B was busy takin pix of his dick breaking my pussy open, fun ones, i giggled, 'Ma says hi' as he saw the pic an got stiff... 'U like knowin what a slut ma is, wow these pix are hott, keep lickin me, here is black dick in her mouth again, ha, read. I was devastated that my once loving wife should say such things in my presence, to dismiss me as something so unimportant to her. She kissed Jason lovingly once more and he left.Jane sauntered back into the room with a smug, satisfied look on her face."Oh Brian" she said, "your wife is such a slut. I did things for Jason last night that I would never have done for you, and he rewarded me with the best orgasms of my life. Did you hear the noises I was making as he made me cum and cum?" I.

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