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I was invisible, and wanted to see what this floozy looked like. George was snoring away on the couch and Miss Princess was sleeping alone in the bed....Turns out she’s a full blown one hundred percent lesbian! George is stuck married to a lezzie! For better or for worse, and all that!”“No! You’re making this up! Fate isn’t that nice,” Jessie started laughing. She couldn’t help it. Linda joined her.“Whew. I need a refill on my drink after that. What about you?” Jessie asked.“I’m still good. Maybe. I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.”We never got dressed the rest of the night and every time I looked at her body, I got hard and couldn’t help but think of how her body should be seen by everyone. She looked sexier than those Hollywood stars and porn queens you always see hanging out of their clothes. She fixed us some sandwiches and after a light meal, it was back to bed and more mind blowing sex. I decided that Dr. Packard was my new hero.Work was pretty much the same and I kept looking at. She responded hungrily, our tongues stroking, penetrating each others’ mouth. I pulled her body closer to mine, feeling its softness. Possibilities had opened up that I had never allowed myself to consider. I was about to find out what I had missed.The night had started as normal. Emma and I were just two in a mixed group of about a dozen who went out for a drink after work on Friday nights. We had a few early drinks at a pub near the university that was dodgy even by local standards, then left. Want to fuck it over and over for days! Hoping finally I've found a regular fuck, a really GOOD regular good fuck off CL.Within minutes of arousal, i had his big hard cock in my mouth for a 3rd time. I couldn't help myself. Isn't that what jacuzzi's late at night are for? I was craving just sucking, tasting feeling a good cock for hours. It took quite a while to get him off, my lips were losing all grip, fortunately just in time, he wanted to cum down my throat so burried his cock deep in my.

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