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But we’re going to the same place, so we’ll find out when we get there.”He led me out of the bathroom and into the school reception where his gi...lfriend and daughter were waiting, both in costume and looking worried.“Amy, I have to take him to the hospital. Are you and Sophie okay to get a taxi home?”“Of course, William. Don’t worry about us, just take care of ... Paul, isn’t it?”I nodded. “Hold on. Where’s Vicky?”“At work. I’ve called her and she’ll meet us at the hospital.”“Oh, okay.”Will’s. "Take a few steps. Get used to them," she advised. I took a fewfaltering steps and almost tripped up."Have you got any flat shoes?" Yes, but heels go better with those stockings. You need to takesmaller steps and try to walk on your toes."Following her advice, I took a few more steps and felt more confident.I was still walking around in a circle, getting used to walking inheels when there was a knock at the door."Are you two weady yet?I stopped, staring at the door in shock. That was a young. I peeked out the window and saw a tall guy get out of the car. It was dark so I couldn't see his features. Andrea made me go into the kitchen so she could greet him alone. After letting him in I could hear his voice, it was deep and he had a dialect. I heard him comment on Andrea's outfit. She said he likes forward women. She said well I am forward but the idea of leaving my crotch uncovered was my husband's. He asked if I was there. Andrea called me to join them in the den. When I walked. Plz, get back to normal. Don’t you have any girlfriends in college? Me: no I don’t have and I already have you and niharikha Though. Bhabhi: Idiot.!! Me: I cant live without you bhabhi. I can’t even imagine it. If you go from here ill become alone. There will be no one to chat with me. to Support me. To make me feel good. Bhabhi: (she look at the ground and back to my eyes) (in low voice). Seenu even you make me feel good. you make me feel something special. I’ll b missing you a lot than your.

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