. It must have looked a little odd, me and the two of the older guys walking hand in hand alternately as we made our way back...Once inside we settled...down to a bit of smooching. We sat on the caravan "settee" area, me between the two guys. We kissed and I made sure to swap between them, both french kissing them in turn as we sat together.The windows had curtains that only about 1/3rd covered them, so anyone passing by and peeking in to see may have gotten a little surprise!The two of them. I was left to navigate things for myself.Now back to those stories, funny thing was after all that time I got so used to picturing myself as the one getting fuck not the other way around since I was always the one servicing my brother. In those stories I realized the biggest turn on was imaging me where the girls always were. Imagining myself as the one getting pounded silly and drenched in cum. Did I mention I have a sister to? She's two years older than me...and once I was old enough to be. All the same thoughts were running through Katie’s head. The pleasure of all the cock wasbecoming unbearable as orgasm after orgasm began to roll through her body. After a fewminutes the men began to trade positions as Katie found herself on her back. She lovedthis new position as she still has her ass filled but she could watch another man fill her pussywhile she sucked cock. She made sure that all five cocks were still being pleasured.Tim knew that he could still push some of Katie’s limits. He figured Hanna’s breasts to be a good handful in size while Jenny’s younger breasts would easily fit into his mouth.“Hi Mr. Hayward, it’s nice to see you, I mean meet you,” Hanna said offering her hand to shake and Jenny did the same. They both stared at his crotch, the outline of his semi-hard cock showing.“Please, you can call me Dan. Your mom was giving me a tour of your lovely home and will be right back.”“I can imagine the kind of tour she gave you!” Jenny snickered and Hanna furrowed.

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