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Frunt is happy as my new high priest and the Orcs are happy to have him explain the ‘book of Athena’ in terms they can use in their daily lives, s...mething neither I nor Gregorius were able to do so well.”“Why was that?” I asked out of curiosity.“Too much bowing and scraping,” she chuckled. “I have an effect on ordinary Orcs and Gregorius was feared as my prophet. Frunt is just a fussy old priest with a knack for using the book to bring out the best in the Orcs.”“How many now?”“Just over a. Not just yet. Bella writhed and whimpered expectantly as Ellen produced a wicked but slender dildo; she wanted the sissy to know pleasure in captivity, but would not use anything on her which would spoil the pleasure of her first cock. Ellen put on a triumphant look for the cameras as she continued the tease, showing the phallus to Bella and pressing it to her lips.“Now sissy, you give this a good sucking so it’s nice and lubricated; we both know where it’s going next, don’t we?” Bella. Mercilessly he bangs away at her. Her breathing is deep and fast. Her eyes close. Low moans come from her, it’s obvious to see that she is enjoying this.“ Are you ready to be punished “ he asks.“ Hurt me if you think you know how “ Is her defiant reply.He rubs 2 fingers down her wet pussy. Her eyes are wide open as she realises where the fingers are heading. He stops at the tiny puckered bum hole that is clenched tight. “ It seems you are not as brave you thought “.She is helpless to him as the. Something happened last nightto disturb you -- and I hope you can recover." Um, Ma? The girls are planning a sleepover, either Tuesday orThursday night. May I go?" That's a great idea! I remember pajama parties when I was growing up,and we always had a great time." Thanks Ma!" I wondered what Ma would have thought if she knew thattwo of us were GIRLs. I wasn't going to mention it; I doubted that Maeven knew that Bikini Beach transformed guys into girls. I was a stilla little worried and.

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