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Her long blonde hair spilled messily out of her cowboy hat. I found it hard to believe that a store manager dressed this casually. I found the way she...filled out her jeans quite enticing, though. She looked to be in her early to mid-thirties.After introductions and describing the reason for my visit, we got to work. It was not without some reticence and coldness. It turned out that we didn’t need any more time than the afternoon. Trying to be friendly, I suggested we might run into each other. ."Atrus' brows twitched. "Yes, she's cooking breakfast." Cooking, Sir... ?" Well, I don't know how she's doing it, but she's trying to make breakfast." Forgive me, Sir, because I won't actually call it cooking." Leonard peeked into the opened kitchen door. "She's torching the pan with her fingers, Sir, and she 's trying to open the oil drum as well..." Oh..." Wait a minute ... oil DRUM? "What... ?!!"His question was answered instantly as a loud explosion was heard from the kitchen. Smaller. They both moaned as he buried his face into her wet snatch, licking and tasting her arousal."Just your tongue. No sucking, and definitely no biting!" She ordered and he complied, licking and lapping her labia. He could taste her juices which flowed freely from her vagina, and did his best to take them all. She instructed him with moans, movements of her hips, and using her hands directing his head to where she wanted him next. He wished he could sink his entire head into her pussy, drown. I am Josie a 44 year old divorced mother who had her son late in life. I had given up so much for my career and was now the head solicitor in my practice. My life had just become humdrum, cases that no longer challenged me and coming home to the same old existence. A son on his computer a ready meal and some old crap on the tv and a few to many gin and tonics. And back to the same the next day. Sex was none existent as no one at work interested me and I never had the chance to socialise outside.

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