There was so much drama. He said this. She said that, it was all very annoying. With my glass of juice empty and the sun starting to peak over the hor...zon, I figured it was time to wake up my sister and get ready for school. I made my way to her door which was cracked slightly and peered in. My 13 year old sister was lying on her stomach with her arm and leg hanging off the side of the bed. Mandy wake up its time for school She yawned, stretched and replied Im up! almost immediately after,. Well, you know what bothers me most about all of that?" No I don't." Not once did Gary get upset about the loss, not in front of us, his Dad or I. It was almost as if he knew right where Mike was; that he was alright and might even be coming back one day. The police even had questions about that. I didn't see Gary shed a single tear about losing his best friend." But then you and he had met that same weekend and I'm sure that helped with the rough spots. I didn't see Gary every night either. I. She was not new to sex obviously; she was swirling her tongue around my cock like it was a candy cane or something and keeping up the tempo with her head moving up and down. I was now the one moaning and saying, “yes, yes, don’t stop, please don’t stop!” Somehow in between me getting an amazing blow job and trying to keep it going as long as I could without cumming in Amanda’s beautiful mouth my sis had slipped in again. I saw her standing there by the side of the bed, she looked down at me. “Are we not watching them, lad?” Tommy asked me.“I don’t want to, so I’m going to wait outside. But you all can stay.”Only Gwen slipped off into the crowd; the rest of us left behind the roar as we passed through the hallway and out through the side door. The night air was cool, and best of all, quiet.“Are we allowed down here?” Muireann asked, as I started descending the hillside steps toward Jonah’s cabin.“Sure,” I replied.“Your man won’t get mad that we aren’t in our own green room?” Tommy.

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