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After the seventh or eighth load of cum stuffed into my mouth, I feelhis balls go limp, his dick now much softer and he has shot his load andI have ...t all now. I let him pull his penis from my mouth and with hishuge load of semen still on my tongue, I look at him with my sexy eyes. Iraise my head and slowly let his hot semen trickle down the back of mythroat. I make sure he can see my neck muscles move as his cum makes itsway from my tongue and mouth to my throat and then down the back of. What’s the current situation?”“Well sir, when we took the suspect into custody, his e-suit was in bad shape and blew out. We decided that he needed to be transferred to the medical section. Right now, he is being processed through the airlock to the medics.”“Very good Lieutenant. I’ll be heading that way.”I broke into the conversation. “Before you hang up, Lieutenant, and this goes for all of you here. Crewman Murphy goofed up. If you are going to goof up, do it here while we’re docked. I would. By then I was comfortable and relaxed and now I also responded to his moves. We opened each other’s shirts he poured the cool drink on my body and licked it. This move made me crazier he moved up and we smooched very smooth.Now I got hold of his dick over his pant and he did same to me. I asked him Me: – pavan our plan was to have a session rightHe: – yeah and doesn’t call me pavan. Call me pavani, and I will call you RajiMe: – ok pavani. So, shall we startHe: -ok we will but before that let’s. I met one of the deckhands from my boat. We talked for a bit then he suggested if I wanted more drinkI went back to his place for some. Being loose minded from drink I took him up on his offer.We had a few drinks in his sitting room and just talked about general things. All of a sudden he saidto me do you know that half the crew want to have sex with you. being fresh skinned and very little body hair at the time I suppose I was attracting the wrongattention at times.A short time later he went.

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