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Go home Cayla! I said starting to turn, she went to hit me again, so I grabbed her hand and twisted her round, so her back was to my front You know wh...t Cayla? I do care for you! Youre like my sister. Maybe You just want to be a little more huh? I said, running my hand down her tummy, tracing her hips, touching her thigh before I pushed her forward, and carried on till we were at the front door. Go home Cayla. Come back tomorrow. Well sort this out then She looked like she was about to cry, as. It is a five min buggy ride. I seat there for a second then said yes. Jacob said we can talk the detailed out at lunch. The morning classes when by slow. Instead of going home for lunch, I went and seat under the big ????? tree In front of the school. When Jacob walk up and seat down next to me. We seat and plan for the party. He tell me the party start at 10:00pm, he was going to leave he's house at 9:00pm he toll me he wood be at my at 9:40pm. Then the teacher come out and ring the bell,. “We need to go home,” I say "I know” you say We pay at the counter and leave as quickly as possible. You hide your bulging mass with the bag from the shoe shop and we make it back to the car before we share a passionate kiss that is full of promises. When we arrive home I immediately rush upstairs to get changed. I reappear just minutes later and find you already naked on the couch, your cock standing proudly on your lap. “Well hello” I say with a smile “Come here my filthy. ” I gave my phone and she made some calls from it. When the call was done she said “I do not know how shall I repay you. ” then I said “if you will john me, it will be repaid. ” She readily agreed to my proposal. We began drinking then. She wore a T shirt and jeans. Her big boobs were inviting to press and suck. After some time she got drunk and I switched the TV on. Watching the porn movie my dick erected. She also came closer to me. I placed my right hand on her left thigh. She did not.

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