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Relief set in. Andrew was so happy that the day was over. Today had been especially stressful. Some stupid lady had complained that her favorite machi...e was not working. She started yelling and making a scene. Big fucking deal. She had some nerve. Oh well. Tomorrow is my day off. Andrew thought about his day and then remembered something unusual. Laura, one of his trainees had looked pretty hot today. She was only wearing a sports bra and extra short shorts. Damn she looked so good. When she. Sonia grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bed and ordered me to lay down. Meanwhile Eric could hear us moving around and I could see by the bulge in his boxershort that he had a fully erect penis.Maria walked over to his chair and started to move here hands over his chest while softly bitting and licking his ear knobs. Eric started to move his body but he couldn't as I strapped him tightly to the chair. Maria kept on teasing him while Sonia now started to kneel beside me on bed. She started. As we kissed she ground her pussy against me. I could feel the warmth through my boxers, the feeling of this girl I had fancied for so long here with me was almost overwhelming. I concentrated on making sure I didn't cum too soon. Our bodies were hot and sticky, we were both softly groaning and we got more and more turned on. The feeling of her soft pussy massaging my cock through two layers of cloth was incredible.I reached behind Amy and undid the clasp of her bra. Her boobs swang free and I. Still the time was 11 n I was not getting sleep at all! So I have turn on the TV n started watching F TV, n suddenly donno what was going on my mind all the girls who were walking on the ramp were looking like my sister, I turned off the TV n tried to sleep but my sister Deepthi was all over my mind now.I tried to erase all my bad thoughts on my sister but all the insect stories n movies ran over my mind leaving me only tout that is “sex”, I turned towards my room n stepped in slowly. I have.

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