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Basically, you just raise your chin to align your whole mouth and throat, swallow on the way down to fool the gag reflex, push hard when his cock reac...es the entrance to your throat and try to keep swallowing, and breathe through your nose once it's in."I tell you what," Andi said with a nod around to all the couples. "We can get together during the first part of next week, and I'll help out all of you ladies with learning how to give deep throat blow jobs. Deal?"All the girls nodded and all. “Ava, stand over him in the front. If you feel like it you can kneel and sit your pussy on his face... if you want...”Ava set her hands on my thighs as she lowered herself onto her knees, her face level with my cock, her snatch, inflamed red and swollen, radiating heat, the aroma of the ocean, slippery drips of my semen draining from it. She squelches her chubby pussy onto my face! I’m drowning in cunt. Then I feel it. I’ve had girls massage my prostate before while they sucked my cock, but. I roll on top of you and begin to rub my cock against your clit and your soaked pussy. You beg me to put it inside you. I keep rubbing my shaft against your wet pussy and then suddenly stop. I grab my cock bathed in your juices and begin to tease you pussy lips with the head. You are squeezing your tits and telling me to fuck you. One more slide and I push the head of my cock inside you. I can feel your heat as let out a gasp. As I slowly plunge my shaft deeper in you I can feel your. She went to move, to jump off the chaise and run, but found she was unable to move her arms or legs. Looking down she expected to see that she was restrained in some way, but she sat completely unfettered. "You'll find that you're becoming aroused as we chat more. You're already dripping wet, and you're nipples are hard and aching." Even as he spoke she could feel the unmistakable swelling inside her pussy, the action forcing a dribble of wetness to slip from her and down towards her arse. Her.

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