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She was moaning loudly and saying, “Ohhh god, ohhh god, ohhh yesss, uhhnn, uhhnm, haaarder, haaarrder and as her head started bobbing up and down sh... screamed, “Ohhh goddd I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”She was screaming so loudly I thought someone outside might hear her but no one did. Then her whole body began to shake as her orgasm racked through her body. That was all I could take too as I felt my balls contract and the head of my cock swell and the cum erupted out of my cock. I was also saying,. By then i was hard again and she started sucking me hard. about a min in her mom and dad walk in the door. there was no way to hide what we were doing.so just stoped and waited her mom told her dad to go lay down on their bed and she would handle this. when he left the room she said to use finsh and then i will talk to you. so we did and i came about 3 or 4 cum streams into her mouth. her mom watched and was shocked at all the cum i shot.she talked to use about safe sex and that kind of. “Damn you look good!” was all she said as she rolled and sat up on the edge of the bed. “I have wanted to be with you like this since we were in High School and tonight I will have my way with you.”I walked to the edge of the bed and she pulled off my towel leaving me nude as she was and I was hard as a rock. One thing about me is when I get stoned my cock will not go down no matter what till I sober up. Shelly turned me around and pushed me onto the bed face up and without hesitation sat on my. Simple, thieves broke two bored direct, smooth car off the 1st. Then go to the ICC that the old one to his b*****r, the way channels have beetles inside can not sneak, beetle bl**d less simple, more bl**d strange has four, after successfully destroyed the old car out 2, but also the way it made a . Back to the hall, all the way to dive into the 4 elements, this must kill, kill the element of time to clean wave to and fro on the steps of the weapon, a total of four waves, this is very simple..

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