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My body sprawled face up lifeless across the bed with my arms and legs spread apart like a battered and badly used rag doll.After stumbling all over t...e place while getting dressed, Donnie was about to run out the door. However, he suddenly stopped as if he had remembered something. He slowly approached with a hint of a sexy pace back to the bed where I my body still lay all limp. He sat next to me putting his heavy hand tenderly on my forehead, rubbing it.“What do you think about me coming. From time to time I allowed her a moment to catch her breath, though those moments were short lived. Finally, as she tried desperately to catch her breath her want for more came to a halt; ?No more,? she cried out, ?I...can’t take...any...more.?I made her cum several more times, sometimes demanding her orgasms cease mid-climax. It was obvious she hated those moments but she did her best to comply with my orders and I marveled, once again, at the ease with which she had been trained. Finally,. Michael began reading the class roll. One by one, the girls responded to their name and pulled off their gym shirt and slipped out of their sports bra. One by one, her friends answered and stripped. Erin was first among them, proudly thrusting out her perfect boobs. Angelina, always modest, looked down as she undid her bra, but once her surprisingly full (but small) orbs were freed, she looked up and seemed less shy. Meredith was shocked to see the cheerleaders strip right along -- Kimber. She felt his tongue flick out and immediately settle on her clit for a quick circle before darting around the perimeter of her pussy. It flicked in and out of her, pressing deep inside before slipping back out for another circle of her sex. He sucked her clit into his mouth and greedily licked it like his life depended on it. Her head was spinning. Her master had said to remain quiet, but her whimpers were quickly escalating.A flood of warmth passed over her, and she felt an orgasm like no.

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