And deep inside I felt some kind of new excitement. Much later I realized that this excitement was the thrill of cheating.It was two weeks later that ... was at a bar in town where Harry and I planned to meet before having dinner. Harry called me on my cell phone and apologized profusely, saying that an out-of-town customer had just arrived and that he had to be with this customer, and not to wait up for him.At the time I was really pissed off at Harry, and a guy who'd been eyeing me for the last. ” “I know, Ms. Alexander. You know I am going to continue to try and convert you to a better tea for your breakfast.” She smiled as she said it. I smiled back at her and told her it was fine, the cinnamon scone made up for her indiscretion with the tea. I asked her how busy the hotel was this week and she told me that it was relatively quiet this week, with very few guests. She asked me if there was anything she could do or get me right now. I looked at her and told her, “Yes, I think there is. He proved surprisingly adept at learningthe various moves in the classes. Susan and Richard didn't understandit at all but they were pleased that Jim had finally found somephysical activity he enjoyed. And true to their hopes, they noticed anincreased confidence in Jim. He no longer slumped along as he walked.He held himself upright, looking the world in the eyes.The glow from Jim's new activity started to grow dark, however. Theclass included some older boys who were not the kind of kids Susan. When Jimmy tried to protest, Kevin and Derek held him down and made him continue cleaning up Ann. When Todd felt like he’d loosened Jimmy up with his finger he nudged his cock head up to Jimmy’s ass and eased it in. Jimmy’s protests were muffled by Ann’s cunt.Wasting no time Todd rammed his cock deeply into Jimmy’s ass. Todd continued to pound away unmercifully in Jimmy’s virgin ass. Everyone noticed that at some point Jimmy quit resisting and thrust his ass back to meet Todd’s powerful.

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