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Banged up me nearside wing a little. He tried to make a run for it and I couldn’t let him get up to speed or he would have got away. I guess I hit h...m a bit too hard. The boys at Mac’s towed and crushed the car with the ... er ... package inside. I went over with our Jeff when he used his rig to tow a whole consignment of metal to the smelter. Carl arranged the timing to perfection. We left after we saw it feed in to the blast furnace and sealed up.”“Thanks, that’s good work.” Tim looked around. “Easy Cherry,” Turner said from out of sight. “There is going to be a total of twelve big black cocks here tonight.” My cock still locked in chastity twitched at his statement. I turned to the voice, my lips glazed with saliva and cum. You speak of the devil and he appears! Turner standing at the opened door walked in, naked. Catching me willingly sucking and cleaning Drake’s cock, my eyes watched his thick rod. He laid down. He didn’t even have to say anything. I finished what I was doing. Over the decades the residents have changed but the name stuck, it’s kinda a historical landmark, especially now that it’s a legal brothel again. The lobby’s decor was a vicious stereotype of a Chinese restaurant, but a restaurant nonetheless. The menu for food, drink and company was on a tablet. Of the sixteen women working that night, only five were available in my time frame. But one was the lady I sought the last time I was here. Her name on the menu was Portia Benz. She was the third. But I think lately he has become a little sadder and it breaks my heart to see him so lonely. I love to find any excuse to pop round and chat. I love the way he looks at me, as a man properly looks at a woman he desires, when he thinks I can’t see him. I even wander round in my undies just to cheer him up, and I love watching telly with him, cuddled up close. Like we used to, but now a little more intimately with me squeezing him and him stroking my shoulder or neck.What’s wrong with that?To.

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