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I was screaming as he did this several times. I must have passed out because when I came to I could feel something buzzing again me. I cried out this ...ime not from pain but pleasure. There was the bastard in front of me again smiling snidely as he held the butt plug agaisnt my pussy lips. My little cocklit hard and throbbing from the stimulation. The plug stopped throbbing for the moment and it was glass with a metalic strip in it. It was also fucking huge. “That ain't going to fit.” I said. Ah, he's really this weak to you....?You turn your head to get a good look at your connection and wiggle your backside testingly, moving side to side. Sure enough, he's made to follow along each step of the way, and when you look up to his face it's a scrunched-up picture of focus. You can feel his hands really squeezing your ass tightly as well, and pushing forwards on it, but still....Th-there's no way your pussy's actually stronger than this guy, right?You're starting to panic a bit. Did you. I found my old face staring back at me from the other disk. All of sudden I lost my balance, I almost fell off my disk. The reason behind this was obvious. Not used to having breasts I was off balance.Only one more step and that was not long in coming. I could feel my penis start to shrink as it and the ball sack slowly retreated into my body. As it stopped I looked over and found myself staring at an exact copy of my old self."Hi Amanda, how do you feel?" I feel sort of strange but a nice. Those were the first words mom spoke during our intimate session. I said “ yes mom it is huge did you like it”. She said “ ssss hell yeah sssahhh”. And inserted my dick in her mouth and started sucking on it and started moving her mouth back and forth on my dick. I was surprised and was curious of what was going on in her mind, because she has never given a blow job to my father, and she also refused sumit uncle for the same. But I decided to ask her about it later , and just enjoy the pleasure.

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