Although the whole situation seemed to be not comfortable for him, it didn't take long to have his heavy black hands on my legs. We started kissing; b...fore I knew it my skirt was up around my waist, exposing my black panties and long legs. He unbuttoned my blouse and took off his shirt, showing me his huge muscular torso.I was so aroused watching him getting naked. He then unbuckled his pants and slid them down with his sexy red underwear slip.I gasped when I saw his massive black cock; it was. I didn't make a sound as they put in therings and glued them shut because I had been promised that I could suckthe tattoo guy's cock if I was a good gurl.I was a very good gurl.I was good at the beauty parlor as well, where I had long extensionsfastened to my own hair. I was treated to two cocks there as a reward formy behavior.They gave me a complete makeup job and I pouted because I really wantedthem to tattoo it on. They said that it would happen eventually, but fornow it would just be. Down in Jeff's basement he concocted rude, teenaged mixes of every bottle that lay waiting behind his parent's leather-covered bar -- typical teenage swamp-water. None of us complained. Booze was booze, and free was even better.Jeff turned off the lights as we made ourselves comfortable on opposing sofas. Gwen and I made out with my hands probing, over her clothes, every firm part of her 15-year-old body. We could clearly hear Jeff and Margo work overtime -- the slobbering gags of a blowjob. .joanne was a slim redhead with curly hair, a decent pair of tits too. She was about size 12 with a very freckly face. Keyla was something else, a very small girl, pretty face with huge eyes and a great smile. She must have been a size 4, really tiny. Of the two it was keyla who attracted me the most, mainly due to her schoolgirl figure, but joanne interested me too.First 2 months they paid up in full, however this gave me time to get to know them. It became obvious that joanne fancied me, and.

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