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That left Jeff the problem of advertising for work. The other Negro carpenters in the area were farmers who worked construction during the times that ...heir farms didn’t need them. They were known to the freedmen who had been slaves in the locality, and they had done other work since emancipation which built their local reputation.Jeff needed steady work, and he could find no way to solicit customers. The local newspaper mourned the Union victory, primarily because that victory had freed slaves;. Too Mindy's horror the old man began walking toward her with the samecreepy smile on his face. "Ahhh...there she is. The little Miss."Standing up and backing away almost immediately, the pretty young womandid nothing to hide her disgust. "I don't know who you are old man. I'llthank you to stay as far away, and out of smelling distance aspossible."The old man smiled and started to fish for something in one of his dirtytrouser's pockets. "Now let me see...where is the to findyour. Then all of a sudden it was like an explosion. We all three cried out loud.Both dicks were thrust into me as far as they could possibly get them. Spasm after spasm shook our bodies and we all climaxed simultaneously.They emptied more of their burning semen into my wanton womb and ass. We all lay on the bed for a few minutes catching our breath. I felt the sticky cum leaking out from both my cunt and asshole.Both guys told me they wanted to do it again; but I smiled and told them that I needed. I peek out the window and she pauses for a moment at the stairs then a minute later a knock, the wife answers and brings her inside and shake her hand and she introduces herself as Mitch. The wife asks if she brought more clothes and she say's yes so the wife leads her off and then returns to tell she she is taking a shower and will put on some casual clothes, several moments later the wife goes and checks on her to decide when to put the hot snacks on the oven. I am reading on the couch.

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