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," I began"What happened?" she asked, smugly. "You turned into a girl, stupid. That's pretty obvious." Needless to say, I was thunderstruck, not on...y at the situation but also at her nonchalance in reaction to it."If you're wondering how," she continued, "the answer is that I did it to you. After all your ranting and raving and male chauvinism, I wanted to get you back. So, here it is. Here's my revenge. And you'd better do what I say if you ever want to be yourself again." How..." I. I was now in my Banyan and Bikini type Underwear. Joshi said wow, on seeing my tool is hard on within my underwear. Hearing that, Priya turned around and laid on her back, exposing her boobs and well shaved pussy. She was excited now to know that I am aroused. She touch my erect Cuck over the underwear with her toes, it felt so good. I just smiled naughtily at her and moved forward and positioned myself over her tummy, she placed her hands on my thighs and rubbed my thighs softly and then felt. " Assaulted. Another interesting choice of words." Oh great, this again," I said, with my eyes rolling."Well, Jessica," she said, eyes rolling, "I was outside the whole time,and I didn't hear you scream for help. If you were really beingassaulted, you would have screamed." Do you blame rape victims who are forced against their will and can'tscream?" Oh please, Steve," she sneered. "Did Tom threaten to hurt you if youscreamed?" Um, no." Did you want to scream?" Maybe not," I said, staring at the. When I asked for him there was the usual inquiry about who was I. I didn't give my name, simply told her to tell him it was "about Ariel Shaughnessy." The name evidently rang a bell with her; she put me through."John McDonough, marshal," came a male voice. "Tell me you're calling to make my week and say she's awake."That didn't take me long to process; the inquiry told me that (a) Susan's body was still alive and well and still expected to recover, and (b) she was still unconscious, which.

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