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A thick metal collar had been bolted around her young delicate neck, a length of rope tied to it and held up high like a leash, by the large tattooed ...hug.The ring gag was tightly forced in past her ruby lips and white stringy goo oozed out of her mouth and down her chin. Tears poured from her huge shocked eyes, as she stared straight at the camera. Not even looking at the large man’s cock still dripping just inches from her terrified and anguished face.Bryan shook his head now to clear the. “Look at him. He – is – a –demon. Mother’ll probably kill him without even thinking. And even if she doesn’t, she certainly will after she finds out he’s been eating me.”“And you were very delicious,” Eigis added, licking his lips.Hiryu glared. “That’s it,” he exclaimed in a venomous whisper, curling a fist, “Before this trip is over, I’m going to beat you until you bleed.”Eigis was completely unconcerned. He even smiled. “Go ahead and try it, human.” He challenged, crouching down, ready.Bells’. Moments later he handed the bottle to Hawk, along with several pieces of jerky. Then, as the food and drink began to revive the young man’s body Eagle Eye produced some wood in various sized pieces and arranged them in the middle of the fire ring. You can’t imagine Hawk’s surprise when the old man used a lighter to actually start the carefully prepared campfire. As the fire began to burn warm and bright before Hawk the old man entered one of the dwellings and moments later returned with a. " My grin widens when I turn around and see the look on your face."So... surprise," I say as I walk across the room to you and wrap my arms around you, kissing your cheek softly. You tremble slightly as you wrap your arms around me, not saying a word as I finally bring my soft lips to yours, kissing you gently. The kiss deepens. We spend a lot of time like that, just holding each other and kissing. Evening comes and we make our way outside to the pool area. I lead you over to the hot tub by the.

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